Peterhead Baptist Church - Email Distribution Lists

Several email distribution lists have been created to help us communicate with each other:

Full email addresses have not been shown below, to avoid spam, please add to the list name below. e.g.


List Name Description
band Contains Band Members and Singers
BEKSTeam Bible Explorers @ King Street Team
buildinggroup Members of the Building working group
deacons All deacons
gncteam Good News Club Team
search Pastorate Search Committee
serviceleaders Regular Service Leaders
soundteam Sound Team
sundayservices Everyone involved with Sunday services, includes band, sound, vision, service leaders
visionteam Projector Team

How do these distribution lists work?

Email sent to the distribution list will go out to all of the people registered on the list, there is no need to list all the individual email addresses. If you reply to the distribution list then everyone sees the response, a great way to make sure everyone is in the loop.

What if the distribution list needs updated?

Inform and we will get the list updated.